Posted by: fudgie99 | September 25, 2009

Making Maya

MAKING_MAYA_07In college, my best friend commented that some of my adolescent breakdowns just made me look like a bad actor, faking my way through an after school special (you know, where the girl a. gets pregnant b. develops a drug problem or c. becomes a lesbian). If I think of this movie in that light, maybe it was a good movie. The fact is, it’s just not as interesting to watch other people be bad actors, as it is to be in the middle of your own personal drama.

Meet Maya- she has just graduated from high school,but can’t make the ceremony because her drunk mother’s passed out on the couch. She loves basketball,and is in a delusional state to think she will get a basketball scholarship even though her high school had no basketball team for her to play on. She practices (for most of the movie) with her best friend Mars (Lamar), a guy who pushes her to play better and feeds her basketball scholarship delusion. Just to mess with your head, the movie then introduces a rich girl named Sam, who shows up on the court one day and “confuses” Maya, leading to her questioning her mom about “inappropriate crushes” while unclogging the toilet for the umpteenth time. (There were many unclogging scenes-some with tears, others with encouraging self-talk)

There was also endless basketball footage- and not quality, entertaining footage, but bouncy, off balance, grainy footage that I found yawn inducing (I’ll admit, I’m no sports fan to begin with, but I still didn’t feel this bored in Personal Best).

The only potential lesbian content involved Sam blowing Maya off for a party then coming over to apologize and them gonig on a drive that ended in a hotel room and too chaste kisses. Maya wakes to find Sam vanished and we never see her again. There is minimal resolution of this storyline (you do hear about Sam) but none about what this might mean for Maya who also ends up sucking face with Mars in a much less chaste embrace.

The movie ends abruptly and crazily unrealistically without another nod to Maya’s potential lesbianism or bisexuality. Of course, by the end of the movie, I didn’t really care.

One star- and that’s pushing it  making maya1        p.s. this poster is such a misrepresentation of the movie, I can’t believe they can live with themselves, tricking poor, unsuspecting lesbians into watching this.


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