Posted by: fudgie99 | September 16, 2009

Puccini for Beginners

Puccini for BeginnersThis hilarious movie follows Allegra (played with studied nonchalance by Elizabeth Reaser, pre Twilight) as she gets broken up with (“I hate opera, I have to look up half the words you use and I am NOT a lesbian.) and then ends up unwittingly in a love triangle with a straight couple.

Hoarding food at a party in dark sunglasses , she meets a nerdy professor named Phillip (a preWeeds Justin Kirk)  who has read her book AND knows a lot of big words- AND he loves opera. She flirts with him whilst proclaiming her lesbianism. She pukes on him before any more can happen.

The next day, at the movies she runs into Grace (Gretchen Mol, preLife on Mars doomed time warp drama), sobbing uncontrollably. She asks her to go out for a drink and Grace seems surprised and interested when she finds out Allegra’s a lesbian. 

Phillip leaves Grace, and Allegra starts sleeping (and dating) both of them. Both sex scenes are amusing and light- no nudity (both feature a ridiculously robotic looking vibrator). There’s lots of funny asides as Allegra tries to juggle the two, rather needy individuals, all while she really just wants to be with Sam, her ex. Random people (waitresses, a disembodied voice on the subway) talk to Allegra about her personal life at random intervals. The sushi chefs at the restaurant they all frequent, discuss in depth the relationship ups and downs in Japanese. These random bits and a lot of witty dialog really make the movie more than just an idiotic romantic comedy.

Allegra also spends a ton of energy saying how much better lesbian relationships are, to Phillip, how women are so much more feeling,even as she can’t commit or express her emotions and ends up having similar problems as Grace and Phillip (Love and awkwardness, such unifiers).

The ending (which you see a glimpse of at the beginning of the movie) places Allegra, Phillip, Grace, and Samantha (her ex) together at Sam’s bridal shower. It’s a major clusterf*ck, and a great movie ending.

4 stars- call in the U-haul

pucciniphoto2Favorite lines

“I was really close to getting close to her.”

“I knew when I met you something sparkly was going to happen.”


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