Posted by: fudgie99 | August 18, 2009

Big Dreams in Little Hope

big_dreams_in_little_hope_interview_julie_goldmanI had low expectations for this movie. Yes, I think Julie Goldman is funny, I loved her song “Commitment ceremony” and her turn as Liza on The Big Gay Sketch Show, but a movie? I wasn’t so sure.

I was pleasantly surprised. This was no D.E.B.S., but it was funny (I did actually laugh out loud) and I never once contemplated not finishing watching it in favor of going to sleep.

The movie starts with Kelly, an ultra straight looking skinny blond packing for a trip. Her unlikely travel companion is Linda (Julie Goldman) a sloppy, butch lesbian, who likes to ask questions like “If you were on death row what would your last meal be?” or “If you were a boy, what would your name be?” This, of course, is annoying to Kelly, a real Type A, keep your eye on the prize type of girl.  They work for a low budget ad agency who gets information about products from “real people” involving in home interviews. They are off to some tiny suburb of New York City called Little Hope to do just that.

By some (surprise!) gaff, the hotel they thought they booked does not have their reservation and their forced to share bunk beds in a youth hostel.  Their bedmates are two horny lesbians who keep having not so quiet sex with them in the room at night, processing aforementioned sex, and quoting Ani Difranco.

Out of the conservative residents in the town (sample quote, “there’s not too many black people here… you don’t need to lock your doors.”) Linda finds an ex girlfriend who she sneaks out to meet. They have sex (funny, just kissing)  leading to multiple hickeys and cover up involving an ace wrap around her neck and multiple random excuses to the people they interview the next day.

Kelly is desperately trying to get a better job and keeps losing calls to bad reception. She eventually finds out she didn’t get hired and gets rip roaring drunk. (in a random aside, Linda is a “friend of Bill’s”). Kelly comes back to hostel and cries to Linda about being a “loser” and never having a best day. Linda comforts her without it turning sexual (my big fear for this movie).

To try to make Kelly’s dreams come true Linda decides they should stay and cover the town’s big chili cook off for Kelly to submit to major networks.  This involves chili cheerleaders and a song that goes “I love chili, it makes me silly.”  Linda f*cks up majorly and the end of the movie involves dealing with her mistake and then rapidly resolving it.

This movie was funnier than anticipated just in the funny dialog, Kelly’s flat affect, in response to Linda’s over the top facial expressions, and random side characters. It didn’t dig too deep, but it also didn’t have the main characters fall madly in love (which was probably statistically impossible) but they did come to understand and appreciate each other. It also didn’t make the ending so neat that you felt like barfing. You can tell it’s low budget, but was better than a lot of lesbian movies by not trying too hard.

3 stars- alright, you can meet the cats

favorite lines

“If I had a racehorse  I’d name it “this racehorse was expensive””.

“I am open can.”

“I look like Fred from Scooby Doo.”


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