Posted by: fudgie99 | August 2, 2009

My Mother Likes Women

mymother1This comedy from Spain is actually about a straight woman who manages to f*ck up every good thing in her life. It just so happens that this all revolves around her mother coming out as a lesbian- a lesbian with a young, cute, Czech girlfriend.

We then follow Elvira, the daughter, from therapy, where she frets about being a dyke and having a nervous breakdown, to a lousy job for a publisher, where she completely goes nuts in front of a new (handsome) male client, Miguel. Elvira is amusing and attractive, even as she endlessly obsesses about the impact her mother’s coming out is having on her.

There are two other daughters who are also followed. Sol, is a pink haired rocker, who does an offensive, funny, and extremely catchy song about her mother being a lesbian (sample lyrics: “I thought I would commit suicide when she told me she had a woman licking her belly- na na na na na.).

The third sister’s name escapes me but her story line involves a kid, a bad marriage and endless antics to get Eliska (the mom’s girlfriend to cheat on her, and thus get her out of the picture. This involves the token “go to a dyke bar to meet a lesbian” scene where we are exposed to the “exotic” night life of the sapphically inclined.

But back to Elvira. As she ruins her relationship with Miguel (the new author) in her attempts to “prove” she’s not a lesbian, she ends up getting drunk with her mother’s girlfriend and kissing her. Although Eliska quickly rebuffs her and professes her love to her mother, she is too drunk to get home and passes out at Elvira’s. Elvira lies, implying that Eliska has been out with some other woman, breaking her mother’s heart and tearing the two women apart.  Here the movie takes an unnecessarily dramatic turn involving a trip to Prague before ending up exactly where you thought it would- with everyone happy and in love.

This movie was wacky (in a good way) in many places, but too long and dramatic in others. It should have stuck with being a comedy and not tried to complicate things so much. When they all go to Prague it just seems a bit over the top.  The acting was admirable, especially Elvira. The lesbian couple were affectionate, although I would have thought they would have kissed at least once, when they reunited. Overall, an enjoyable movie worth watching that probably won’t live long in my memory.

2 and a half stars- maybe I’ll call, maybe I won’t


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