Posted by: fudgie99 | April 22, 2009


joliefoxfire1Boobs- that’s what this movie has to offer- a bevy of boobs. Oh, yeah, and Angelina Jolie, in a rehearsal role for Gia and Girl, Interrupted. I guess I was expecting a little more from a movie from Red Mullet Production Company.

It starts with Maddie’s voice over about her senior year in high school being “perfect”- boyfriend, family, school- it’s all cool. Until an unknown drifter shows up in her Bio class and decides to take a stand against her sexually abusive teacher. This brings together four disparate souls- low self-esteem Rita (yay, Jenny Lewis, pre Rilo Kylie); Violet, the school slut; Goldie, the school’s biracial drug addict; and Maddie, little miss perfect.

The drifter, clad in black leather and big boots, is a gorgeous, young Angelina in a page boy. She leads them in kicking the crap out of their teacher which ends up in the four girls being suspended and playing house in this abandoned cottage in the woods. The drifter goes by “Legs”, which I found laughable (maybe “lips” would have been more appropriate). They have fun together, each girl learning about openness and loyalty. They also drink a lot of booze and smoke a lot of pot, in between getting amateur tattoos.

I liked the message of women standing up for each other. They start the movie, with all the girls knowing what the teacher was doing but feeling helpless to stop it. Throughout the movie they gain confidence to tell off the jocks in their class who make their lives miserable. They also learn to respect and befriend people who are different from themselves, seeing beyond the surface judgments everyone makes.

On the gay front, it falls pretty flat. At one point, Maddie asks Legs, “If I tell you that I love you, would you take it the wrong way?” “Because I’m not…, and you’re…” No mention of “lesbians”, although its blatantly obvious that Legs is checking out women throughout the movie. The only other line that comes close to addressing it is when Violet’s mother tells her “You like, boys, OK, boys!” Maddie and Legs do no more than embrace and exchange smoldering glances (well, Legs’ looks were smoldering, Maddie’s were a cross between confused and constipated).

The ending of the movie goes too far in the violence of the girl’s actions and then ends abruptly with explanation in voice over. It felt silly and unfinished and very ungay. Oh well, it’s never completely useless to me to watch a few hours of Angelina Jolie. The  soundtrack was also a great blast from the past- Luscious Jackson, Mazzy Star, L7, Kristin Hersh- relive the girl rocking nineties right here.

2 stars- don’t call me, I’ll call… well, I won’t call.

favorite lines

“where do you live anyway? Mostly in my head.”

“If I hear about one more of your f**king mood swings, I’m going to tickle you to death.”

“I wish I had a flashlight that would suck up the darkness like a vacuum cleaner.”


  1. The music definitely sounds better than the movie. I think anything written by Joyce Carol Oates seals the no-deal for me.

  2. I rarely do movies for eye candy, but I think you had me at “young Angelina Jolie in boots and black leather and pageboy.”

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