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Imagine Me and You

imagineme1Timing’s a bitch, but if it worked out, most movies would be really short. I like this movie, it’s a little too Hollywood, a little too hokey in spots, but it’s happy. I like these people (well, most of them) and everyone ends up with a happy ending.

It’s Rachel’s wedding day, and she’s doing bride-like things, while her florist, Luce, is meeting her soon-to-be husband Hec and pinning corsages. We meet Coop, Hec’s best friend, the requisite womanizer, Rachel’s bitchy mother, daffy father, and inquisitive sister, “H” who befriends Luce (do penguins have knees?).

As Rachel walks down the aisle and Luce leaves to head to the reception, their eyes meet, and, apparently, see into each others soul. If you watch the deleted scenes, you’d figure out how a florist ends up sitting in for part of the ceremony and the whole wedding reception (unless, of course, you invited your florist to your wedding and think it’s perfectly normal).

Rachel gives a speech at the wedding, commenting that fairy tales are known for happy endings, though the passage is rough, which was not the case with Hec- everything was smooth sailing. If only. This theme, of what leads to a happy ending, to love, is taken up again when Rachel, feeling a pull to Luce, invites her to dinner. She expresses that you don’t know if “it” is love, but you hang in there and give it a chance. Luce disagrees, saying you know immediately, and everything that happens after just proves what you already know.

When Hec finds out that Luce is gay, he says “Well done.” Don’t you love the gay achievement status?Like you climbed Mount Everest, instead of just being who you are. Not really anything to be proud of, just point of fact. All the other responses to gayness in the movie are mild. “H” seems to accept Luce’s sexuality, although still says “that doesn’t make you a lesbian” just because she will end up with a woman. That seemed an unnecessary comment to add. Luce’s mother is completely accepting, and Rachel’s parents adjust to the idea as well.

Both actresses insisted in interviews this was not a “gay” movie, which begs the question- what is a gay (ok, lesbian)  movie? Must  there be muff diving? endless processing? flannel shirts and men’s haircuts? A lesbian movie (for my review purposes) is any in which a main character identifies as gay (Luce) or acts in a fashion to live a gay lifestyle regardless of labels (Rachel). You can not like labels but lets call a dyke a dyke, ok?

What makes a good romantic comedy to me (besides beautiful women) is the “other” stuff. The ridiculous people who come into the flower shop (a last chance flower, a break up plant), Luce’s interactions with her mother, who is divorced, H’s endless questions (why is the alphabet in that order?), all make the movie worth watching.

Hec is likeable too, which I appreciate, he’s not thrown away or an immediate asshole because love has swept Rachel off her feet. He deserves happiness as much as Rachel, and can’t bear the idea of her loving someone more. Watching through the credits gives you a glimpse of everyone finding their own love. Piper Perabo does a good job conveying Rachel’s conflict, to be faithful to her best friend or to jump into the arms of love. Lena Headey does a good job conveying the dilemma of falling in love with someone in a relationship.  They only share a few kissing scenes and not a lot of passion between them ( in keeping with the light tone, per the interviews), but their both gorgeous to me and worth watching make eyes at each other. The most sexually charged scene to me is their “date” at the “football” match, when Luce teaches Rachel how to yell. Their whole date looks like so much fun, I wish I had coordination enough to use those dance machines.

All in all, I think this is an entertaining date movie,  that will help you end up in the arms (or bed) of the once in a lifetime (or once in this moment) girl of your dreams

Three stars- kitty cat meet my better half

Favorite lines

“My husband as useful as a fart in a jam jar.”

“you’re a vagitarian…”

“Ursa major, which is Latin American for Big Bear”

“I really twatted up.” (Don’t you just love the English?)


  1. i like British movies and this one is wonderful.
    soundtrack “imagine me and you” is so good

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