Posted by: fudgie99 | March 17, 2009

Floored by Love

flooredbylove2This Canadian film follows the lives of two families (unwittinglly) living in the same apartement building. The lesbian story line startswith  Cara, a Chinese-Canadian therapist, and Janet, a Japanese-Canadian flight attendant on the day of same sex marriage legalization in Canada. Janet is already picking out her dress and writing her vows, while her girlfriend is hiding her sexuality from her parents. The parents are coming for Cara’s brother’s wedding and Janet wants to go, wants to be a part of Cara’s family. Instead soft butch Cara ends up looking ridiculous in a dress and too much blush and Janet is left at home being “just the roommate”.

The other story line centers around a 14 year old boy coming out of the closet. His mother (black) and step dad (white) are very supportive, but the kid can’t wait for real dad (and flaming gay man) to visit and show him the ropes. Step dad is kind of nerdy square which, as you may know, wins you no points with teenagers, gay or straight.

The actresses do a good job convincing me they are lesbians and into each other (Janet more than Cara). In the “making of” segment, the actress Shirley Ng, who portrays Cara is very feminine and struggled with looking more butch (and making out with a woman), but you wouldn’t know that from watching her. She lacks emotion at times but that seems to go along with her character of staying hidden. There are only two brief kissing/precoital scenes, so don’t expect anything hot and heavy.

Gay dad is an ass, of course, who cares nothing about anyone but himself. The family (besides the stepdad, Norman) is made up of bad actors. The only saving grace for gay boy (why am I blanking on his name?) is that I feel most 14 year olds are bad actors, so maybe that makes him a good actor? I’m not sure?

The movie is only 50 minutes long, so everything gets wrapped up a bit neatly. The dialog was rather cliche and clunky at times but other times was amusing with some dead on delivery. All in all a very uneven film. The coming out is anticlimactic, leaving the lesbian story feeling kind of flat. The step dad’s attempts to connect with his son were the most emotionally compelling part of the movie.

2 stars- no second date

Favorite lines

“You look like George Bush with a cucumber up his butt.”

“I can’t wait to be the “Best Dyke” at your wedding.”

“I’m gay, not corny.”

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