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Rome and Juliet: Love knows no rules

romeandjulietI was weary at the two titled title- love knows no rules? Did it come home past curfew again? Extort money from elderly people?- why not just leave it at “Rome and Juliet”? Regardless, the movie started off with promise.

Juliet is a preschool teacher at a Catholic (appearing) school dating a government worker, Marc, who is set to run for mayor. There relationship is revealed to have some flaws (as any relationship does). Marc’s family is wealthy, while Juliet is the sole breadwinner for her 4 person household, including her father, who has had a stroke leaving him severely disabled. After Marc finally convinces Juliet she wants her cherry popped, he romantically proposes in the post sex shower (complete with blood running down the drain) “Maybe we should make this official, huh?” Loser.

Someone recommends Rome as a wedding planner. Rome lives in a meticulous house and f**ks around with a dashing Italian man who she seems vaguely interested in. She owns a florist shop and is a wedding planner (Yes, we can all think of “Imagine me and you” in Tagalog right now, if you want).  They meet (at church, ironically) and start up an easy friendship.  They accept each other as is, both being somewhat quirky, unlike Marc who insists Juliet tie her hair back and button all the buttons on her shirt.

Juliet starts to enjoy being herself. She writes (sappy) soul searching poetry that she shares with no one- until Rome. This leads to an unexpected trip to a Phillipino Amazon slam (they’re everywhere!!) which I found highly amusing. The same dykes sitting around reading poetry with bongo drums and overserious expressions whether it be in Boston, London, or Manila.

She blows off Marc on Valentine’s day and then confronts him for being so controlling. Her relationship with Rome culminates over breakfast (oh, did I mention they had started sleepovers- ladies, ladies- people prefer their own beds unless they’re looking to get some) after Rome’s ex Carlos had showed up the night before. It’s one of the better scenes of the movie- Juliet’s banging around all mad, making eggs, when Rome realizes- she’s jealous- and tells her so- they start screaming at each other in a “am not”, “are too” kind of way until they’re lips touch, barely, sparking an end to the argument and Juliet to cream in her pants.

Marc finds them out (you can watch it to find out how). The women have a few sexy, hasty love scenes- they are both beautiful to watch throughout the film, naked or clothed, and there’s quite a lot of straight sex scenes (way more then lesbo).  He texts her to call of the wedding (again, super classy), and everyone and his great aunt finds out about the scandal. That should be enough to deal with, but bad things keep happening, starting with Juliet’s dad dying and then she’s hit by a car. This felt too symbolic of punishment for “following her heart” as her mother had told her to do, before she knew it was leading her to a sapphic end.

The only advantage to the car accident, is it gives everyone time to crystallize what and who they really want and to see beyond surface labels (lesbian) to see the person behind, in the case of Juliet’s family and Rome.

This movie was too long. It was interesting, but not interesting enough to last two hours and five minutes. The relationship could have been further developed or the backlash of homophobia, instead it was sidetracked in people in hospital beds and whether Marc would still run for mayor (did we ever really care?) The movie is in Tagalog with English subtitles, although the characters lapse into English at irregular intervals (and then translate them in English to something different). There were also a few places not translated at all. I wasn’t crazy about it, but I hate to write it off either

2 and a half stars- no second date, but might be worth a first, depending on your type


Favorite lines

“The first step to marriage- is it love – or suicide

                                                  – is it like steaming boiled rice burning your tongue?

“You’re one heck of a girl scout.”

“De, does it have to be through SMS?”

“My world became colorful because you care.”


  1. can we request movies for u to review? Cause I couldnt make it all the way through the itty bitty titty committee

    • i am definitely planning to review that one, I’ll had it to the short list if you want

  2. Hey do you you know were I can get this movie?

    • i rented it from netflix, I don’t know where it can be purchased

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