Posted by: fudgie99 | March 3, 2009


feuille2I’m going to apologize upfront to the director, writer, and star of this film (who, by the way, is an award winning pathologist, when she’s not making bad movies), because I don’t have anything nice to say about it. French and Chinese subtitles

It starts out with Meihua, a Chinese artist, crying in a boat to bad Chinese porno music. This music alternates with overly loud (and out of place) operatic arias. Then we flash back to her time studying in France- she is pursuing “pure art” and nobody understands her, least of all her boring boyfriend Anran (wah, wah).  Then she meets Feuille (or Stephanie, which is her real name) a photographer that embraces her search for “pure art” in an attempt to embrace her booty.

Feuille (or Leaf, in English) is kind of like Alice Toklas- older, longish nose, dressed in black suits- she’s also manipulative and pushy. She manipulates her way into Meihua’s bed and then comes on to her- when she is rebuffed she gets all sad and mopey so Meihua will comfort her- then she tries it AGAIN- gah, lesbo, she’s straight, take a hint. Sadly, Leaf does not take a hint and continues to pursue Meihua. For her part, Meihua has decided she’s going to convert the dyke into a breeder. Her conversation with Anran about the causes of lesbianism boiled down to two things- 1. bad boyfriends 2. abusive fathers. At no point does the movie dispel or address this erroneous notion. So now, besides being boring and poorly acted, it’s spreading familiar homo misconceptions.

After Leaf gets Anran drunk so he’ll sleep with another woman and betray Meihua, Meihua swears them both off. In this period of solitude she misses Leaf more than Anran- their discussions of art, their walks in nature (note- no hot and heavy sexual fantasies). She then surmises that missing her more makes her a lesbian in some way- because all lesbians really do is hold hands and go hiking.

The one thing I liked was this photograph with an infant looking up from breastfeeding- the nipple is bent on his lip, it’s a close up and his big eyes look up searchingly towards what must be his mother’s face.

Blah, blah, blah- then there’s something about A.I.D.S  (shout out to the pathologist posse), Meihua stays a breeder, and Feuille stays a lezzie- the end

1 star- complete lesbian bed death

Favorite quotes (few and far between)

“I love like sister.”


  1. Yikes. Sounds horrible.

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