Posted by: fudgie99 | February 10, 2009

Show Me Love

img-showmelove1For those who don’t like to read there movies, I should tell you this one has subtitles (as does The Journey, which I reviewed in an earlier post). If you can get over that, this is an enjoyable movie.

First of all the original title of this film in Swedish is “F**king Amal”, referring to a small town in Sweden. Prudish America insisted on a different name, taken from the song  “Show me love” by Robyn.

It starts on Agnes’ 16th birthday- there she is- loving family, bringing her cake, singing to her- and (every high school reject’s nightmare) insisting she have a party. She’s intense, secretive, pretty- but unpopular, because (sin of all sins)- she’s different.

In another part of town, we meet Elin- 14 years old, convinced she’s gorgeous, melodramatic,  impulsive, and popular- she’s throwing milk in her sister’s face for taking the last of the chocolate milk. Her dad’s left and now it’s just mom working nights and the two sisters.

The other major player is Johan, a boy in love with Elin, as much as Agnes is. He’s quiet, insecure, and seventeen- on a moped.

In one scene, Elin asks Agnes why she’s so weird, and if you’ve ever not quite fit in in junior high or high school, this movie may make you squirm a little like I did. When the dad tries to make excuses for why Agnes has no friends, plainly seeing how unhappy she is. When, despite being humiliated by Elin, Agnes still goes out with her, because you still want to be close to that person.

There’s a whole party scene that captures the drunken, overimportance of teenagers- showing off cell phones, boys pushing into girls, girls crying on the phone- in case you miss puking into toilets, you can relive it here.

Elin kisses Agnes on a dare, and this opens something up in Elin. In her clique, she’s rude and demanding, but with Agnes, she talks about her fears and dreams. I thought Elin was a riot, she reminded me of this outrageous girl I knew in college, who’d randomly spit  water in people’s faces, or scream out her car window at strangers. The kisses are teenager awkward- as if they’re trying to swallow each other’s faces.

Tortured Agnes was who I identified with more- contemplating killing herself, not really being able to contain her dykish ways from the other kids in school, resenting her loving family, even as they try so hard to connect with her.

The ending two scenes of this movie are two of my favorites in terms of shock value and absurdity. This movie had a lot of silliness in it, while conveying some real emotion about what teenagers struggle with in dealing with their sexuality.

Call in the U-haul 4stars

Favorite lines

“You know what zero times zero is? That’s how much I care.”

“I love her fit to bursting.”

“I’d rather be happy now than in twenty-five years.”

“You become what you’re with.”

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