Posted by: fudgie99 | January 29, 2009

The Journey

sancharram_02“My dearest, I know not what love is, but perhaps I will know it tomorrow or another day.”

So begins the love poem Kiran writes to her best friend Delilah, in the guise of a boy who has asked for her help in winning Delilah’s hand for himself. If her burning gaze and parted lips weren’t enough to give her away, her familiarity with the poem, before Delilah reads it, definitely lets the cat out of the bag.

The beginning of this movie made me nervous- lone (presumed) lesbian on a cliff, shrill flute music, a piercing scream- this can’t be going anywhere entertaining. Yet, after we see how the girls meet and mature to teenagers, their relationship was very engaging to me.

I identified with the quiet and passionate Kiran, a gold star lesbian if there ever was one (as am I). The way the actress conveys the clarity of her feelings- there is no confusion, just pure desire, fueled by teenage hormones. Her struggle to hide her feelings for fear of losing the friendship also seemed well portrayed. What teenage lesbian hasn’t ruined a friendship or two by being intense and jealous without giving any explanation for her behavior?

When the relationship finally becomes mutual, there is no grand sex scene, yet the tension (at least to me) was very palpable- the wanting- and holding back. All the thought that goes into brushing a cheek with your hand, or the placement of thigh to thigh. Both girls become exuberant, radiant, and careless with displaying their love for one another.

Of course, no one can possibly approve of this, and the movie highlights the wildfire’s path gossip travels through the village. Although Kiran’s family’s home runs through her mother’s lineage (from female to female), that is the only clear benefit seen for the women in the film. Kiran’s father stops her from playing sports because “after a certain age, playing with balls is only for boys.” Other girls and their families lost reputation for getting pregnant, or running off with a boy for love, the usual teenage transgressions. The girls’ choices are limited- how to make money and survive without a man (even a dead one). A man in your life is the conveyor of respect to your being. Kiran cannot except this, so setting up the rest of the movie.

Delilah tells Kiran early in the movie, “If you never take risks, you never have a chance to get what you want.” You must cross the divide- in closet, out of closet- to enjoy the depth and pleasure of a love that is a true fit. ‘Nuf said.

Favorite lines
“Woman, make me dinner.” “Get lost” (as spoken by paper doll puppets)

“And though I wasn’t pretty, I was precious.”

“Move your hand, let me take a look.”

“You get inside and study something.”

3 stars- bring on the pussies


  1. Gold stars are the sexiest.

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