Posted by: fudgie99 | January 11, 2009


debs_the_movie_I’ll start this blog with a review of one of my favorite lesbian movies. It’s not trying to make you a feminist or process difficult emotions- it’s just a goofy action spy spoof comedy that happens to have a badass criminal mastermind lesbian as a main character.

I like that D.E.B.S. doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still sneaks in a message about what it means to be true to yourself. Lucy and Amy have chemistry, both romantic and comic. On the DVD there is an extended love scene-still pretty timid (no nudity), but their both worth looking at a little longer in my opinion.

 All the supporting characters are amusing in their own way (remember all the straight movies with gay side kicks, this one is chock full of great straight sidekicks). There’s also the presence of Holland Taylor (aka Helena Peabody’s mom on the L-Word) mixing up Amy’s name and matching outfitswith her assistant.

If you watch this movie a million times (as I have) you’ll notice funny little details- like Lucy Diamond’s license plate is “NDASKY” and the globe in the second scene has Australia x’ed out on it. long before Lucy tries to blow it up with the giant missile she has in her hideout.

 Also on the DVD, you can listen to the female stars commentary which is a hilarious take on what it means to be young and female- they mostly discuss how they do (or don’t) like their hair/clothes/makeup in each scene, and occasionally give some insights into their characters. recently asked Angela Robinson if she planned a sequel to D.E.B.S. and she had one planned out along with a prequel of Lucy and her first (Australian) love, she just needs some rich lesbian devotees to take up the cause. I’m hoping they do.

Tell me what you think- call in the u-haul or lesbian bed death? Let me know.

Favorite lines: “Everyone thinks you’re a hero, but really you’re a slut- a gay slut.”

“This isn’t the girl scouts, this is espionage.”

>star2>star2>star2>star2Call in the U-Haul


  1. You keep at this for a few months and Dorothy just might be Surrendering.

  2. soooo great. Love it. I can’t wait to be a lesbian. thanks for sharing. YOU SO FUNNY!!!!!

  3. great movie….

    Jordana Brewster – oh holy hot!

  4. I cannot see how any girl would not become a lesbian if she spent 5 minutes in a room with Jordana brewster, she has the look that just can make anyone wanna kiss her.

  5. O filme DEBS

  6. This movie so cool,
    i watch this like 20 times and always love it!

    The scene i really like is the time in the club, when amy and lucy share their mind and talk each other about their activity,
    it’s like, they had a great chemistry.
    i wonder have a friend like that. 🙂

    happy that many people feel the same way 🙂

  7. Definitely call in the U-Haul!! Jordana Brewster’s presence is enough for that. 🙂

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